Meet the team


Gergely Demetrovics

Gergely Demetrovics is a Hungarian tax expert and Head of Tax and Compliance of BBD Enterprises. Prior to joining BBD, Gergely was a partner at KPMG Hungary, where he led the Financial Services group of the Tax Department of KPMG in Hungary. 

He advised clients in various other industries also, mainly in manufacturing, infrastructure, transport, real estate, telecoms, energy and retail. His experience includes international tax planning, corporate restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, cross-border financing and acquisition techniques, structuring investments, exit planning, outsourcing, remuneration schemes and cross-border employment, tax audits and tax due diligence reviews. He has a sound knowledge of indirect taxation also, was involved in and provided tax technical inputs in litigation cases, worked closely with business advisory and audit teams and lead cross-border engagements.

Gergely graduated as an economist from the University of Economics Budapest, Hungary, took a para-legal diploma from ELTE University, Budapest, Hungary, and participated several high-level non-academic courses covering a wide range of topics within international taxation.

Thomas Hanzély

Thomas is the Managing Director of BBD Enterprises, a boutique international advisory firm based in the Middle East (Bahrain) and with an office in Hong Kong out which BBD covers the Asian market. BBD`s core competency is to review offshore structures of corporates in a rapidly changing tax environment and to help companies to implement a substance-based solution in an onshore jurisdiction.

Thomas earned his law degrees at the universities of Basel, Switzerland and Berlin, Germany. Prior to joining BBD in 2010, he worked for several years as an in-house lawyer at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), a Swiss boutique law firm and at the legal department of Ciba Specialty Chemicals.

Thomas speaks German, English, French, Hungarian fluently and is currently studying Arabic. He is member of a number of business clubs in the Gulf region and he also serves as a board member of the GCC chapter of the International Fiscal Association (IFA), the only non-governmental and non-sectoral international organisation dealing with fiscal matters. He is regularly invited to speak at various conferences in the MENA region, India and China and has published a number of articles in tax and legal journals.

Peter Hann

Peter Hann is a financial writer and an international tax adviser based in the United Kingdom.  Peter is a British Qualified chartered accountant and has an advanced diploma in international taxation. He worked in various projects relating to the international trade and taxation and has edited and written for publications on taxation and investment in various countries and regions including the Middle East and China.

His areas of work have included advisory projects relating to the effects and use of double taxation agreements, methods of dispute resolution in international business, the tax implications of cross-border transactions and the design and drafting of regulations on tax administration and collection. Other areas of activity have encompassed participation in training courses for tax administration personnel and quality control of tax content in software and websites. His past experience includes roles as tax manager for a major UK multinational, principal research associate at the IBFD in Amsterdam, and as a senior manager in the transfer pricing group at a Big 4 firms in London. 

Hafiz Choudhury

Hafiz Choudhury is an international tax consultant and an entrepreneur. He works with major multinationals on tax policy and business strategy issues; He also advises governments on tax policy and administration through his consulting firm, The M Group, Inc. (  He has worked in locations as diverse as India, Qatar, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Poland, Nigeria, Seychelles, Mongolia, Latvia and China.

In a personal capacity, he has served as the general editor of the UN Transfer Pricing Manual, released in October 2012. He has been involved in commissioning and managing a significant number of research tasks in international taxation; his current work includes studies on the role of Double Tax Agreements in cross border investment (led by Jeffrey Owens), international tax issues on Transactions in Islamic Finance (led by Mohamed Amin), and on “Global” tax proposals (led by Prof. Richard Bird).

Prior to starting his own business, he was with IBFD, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where he assisted in a variety of leadership positions including head of the Asia-Pacific/Middle East team, director of business development, and GM of the Americas business. After a number of progressively higher positions, he moved from the tax consulting and content creation side to roles in product management, sales and business development.

Hafiz graduated from the University of London with a Masters degree in International Relations. Following his graduation, he joined HM Board of Inland Revenue (now HMRC) in the United Kingdom, where he received his professional tax training.

He is currently based in Washington D.C.