Starting at the end of the 20th century, globalization created a global market for skilled professionals and

leveled the income of skilled professionals relative to cost of living. The cost of intercontinental travel had
become sufficiently low. This created different type of expatriate where commuter and short term
assignments are becoming more common and often used by organizations to supplement traditional
expatriation. When employees are sent on an international assignment, financial commitments in their
home country need to be maintained.


One of the major considerations of such an assignment is how the payment of salaries at the 'host' location
affects home country taxation and taxation liability of expat in the host country

As the internal control structure and procedures for financial reporting also regard expat payrolls, it goes
without saying that this section also has significant relevance for companies operating an
expatriate program.

Now, another important burden has come on the shoulders of the program manager ensuring global
compliance with corporate governance, tax, and immigration law. And practice is teaching us important
lessons on how to structure processes to ensure compliance.

So, managing taxation of expat and employment issues is the key focus of expatriation managers’ job.


A powerful news source delivers a federated news approach, linking news stories on Checkpoint
from a variety of sources by reference to well-known IEA terms.

This brings together International Expatriate
related news stories under the countries covered by IEA. It also provides the ability to search other
preselected sites for additional information. The search function can be customized to search all tax news or search news by some predefined terms relevant to International Expatriation, and select the date ranges for which news should be searched. Current Awareness news updated multiple times daily and weekly on major jurisdictions.


For countries that have formal compliance requirements utilizing forms, we cover 60 non English speaking countries. The forms are provided and translated into English to further reduce research requirements.


The research is backed up with translated copies of relevant regulations as well as statutory references. Key case law has been added for your convenience. It can be selected by country or case type.
Regulations translated into English, including links to relevant government websites.


TPA also enables you to leverage the information provided in TPA via an information management function that enables you to create and maintain transfer pricing standards for your global enterprise in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take to do so. TPA thereby enables you to create and maintain (in Word and PDF formats) a number of regulatory reports to use for a worldwide entity structure.